• The DASCOM DC-2300 is a direct thermal card printer specifically designed for reception applications. With a compact design, this printer does not take up much space on your desk but provides fast and crisp results.

  • With direct thermal printing technology, printing is done directly on the card using dye sublimation ink ribbons.This type of printing provides a high resolution image and is ideal for applications where photo or portrait quality is important.

  • Thermal re-transfer printing is the top of the line in card printing. The DC-7600 is a robust card printer for heavy duty use. With its edge-to-edge printing, it is perfect for all kinds of cards:• Identification cards (employees, patients, students) • Membership cards • Health cards • Social security cards • Bank cards

  • Laminator for DC-7600. The DC-5100 can be used as a stand-alone unit to laminate printed cards and extend their life for up to 10 years.In conjunction with the DASCOM DC-7600 retransfer printer, cards can be fully printed and laminated on one or both sides in one operation without user intervention.

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