• The CR5400 Double-Sided ID1 Reader checks IDs in double-time, reading the front and back simultaneously. There’s no wrong way to insert the card into the reader – all you need to do is drop it in. The color-coded LED lights provide real-time status response, and it automatically ejects the card once it has been read.

  • The AT9000 is an accurate, easy to use, ID document reader which Reads and authenticates multiple document types quickly, easily and accurately. Support for ICAO-compliant and non-compliant travel documents

  • The KR9000 Full Page Reader is used to inspect and image travel documents, including electronic travel documents and 1D and 2D barcodes used by the airline industry on boarding passes. The reader’s low profile and simple shape make with self-service kiosks, counters and eGates at airports terminals

  • The ATOM® Document Reader is a state-of-the-art, multiillumination eMRTD reader. Representing a major leap forward in aesthetic design with dramatically improved performance, this device sets the ID document reader standard for years to come!

  • The Combo Scan is an extremely compact, fast and fully automated ID and passport scanner designed for data entry applications. Accuracy and efficiency combined with ease of use ensures peace of mind for any kind of business owner where scanning and reading IDs and passports are required.

  • maller, faster, and even more compact, DESKO’s new ICON Scanner is the ideal device for any passport or ID card scanning application. An optional UV-light source and RFID antenna make this the ultimate future-proof device.

  • The Gemalto KR2400 OEM MRZ Reader inspects and images MRTD containing ICAO-compliant machine readable text in a variety of maket segments

  • Designed for use in demanding border management scenarios,the AT10K is based on detailed and exhaustive analysis of field experience and numerous deployed projects. Gemalto has created a new stylish look that will fit into the décor of the most upmarket Customer facing service desks

  • A reliable and durable full page document reader designed specifically for commercial markets.Designed to provide high reliability in environments requiring image capture and data entry:Hotels, Casinos, Liquor Stores, Bars, Car Rental ...Automate the data collection of all identity documents with ID Reader Software !

  • The Osmond is a full-page, multi-purpose passport and ID reader that provides automatic, accuratedata extraction and verification with the ability to read multiple types of identity documents: passports,e-passports, ID cards, visas and driver licenses.

  • The Kiosk Scan is a fast and fully automated ID and passport scanner designed for data entry applications. The scanner’s low profile, metal case makes it ideal for integration with self-service kiosks, vending machines and other service desks.

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