• The OCR315e reader reads passports and ID cards. Compact and robust, it can be attached to a wide variety of laptops, mobiles, tablets, keyboards and desktop monitors, or act as a stand-alone reader as part of a verification process.

  • The AKB500 keyboard integrates optical character recognition (OCR) and magnetic swipe reader (MSR) functionality to deliver a solid, multi-function device with a compact footprint that quickly establishes customer identity. This magnetic swipe reader keyboard is ideal for airline passenger check-in and card reading, retail/point of sale (POS) terminals...

  • OCR316e is a USB-connected reader capable of accurate bi-directional reading of machine-readable ID documents: passports, visas, residence permits and national ID cards.The device also incorporates a three-track magnetic stripe reader for reading credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, etc.

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